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WARNING: ɢ is not the same as

by Felix Omondi
Cyber Security Alert: ɢ is not the same as be cautious

The internet is as dangerous as it is useful. That means you must be very careful and watch where you are going while on the internet. You could easily find yourself walking down a very dangerous alley, with danger lurking in there just waiting to pounce on you. Your cyber security guard must never be down, even for a second.

The most recent cyber security threat to surface, well there’s always new threats coming up every minute, but this one is scary as it imitates a very popular service on the internet,

The most popular search engine has a clone that could easily pass for the real deal. It needs keen eyes to spot the carefully hidden deceit. Look at the following two URL (caution, don’t click on any):                 ɢ

Notice the difference? The first one has an upper case letter ‘G’ while the second one has a small capital ‘ɢ’. The second one is the fake and potentially dangerous domain imitation of the normal or (note it has the normal upper case ‘G’ or lower case ‘g’).

 The small capital ‘ɢ’ is a Latin letter small capital ‘G’, which is also known as Unicode 0262. The creator of this site is trying to trick you into going into a spammy site that could be serving malware and virus to your computer in stealth mode. Those likely to fall victim are users unaware of the dangers lurking in cyberspace. For instance, I see young kids, and grandparents using the internet easily falling prey. So be warned and warn other to avoid the site.

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