Cydia App Store’s Best Free Apps (Download Links)

Cydia App Store’s Best Free Apps (Download Links)

The Cydia app store is a virtual paradise for those who are looking for free third party apps for their Apple’s devices. The Cydia free app store provides you a huge collection of apps for your iOS devices. You can’t miss out on some of the best Cydia free apps. This article lists down some of the best Cydia apps available for free.


It is an amazing tweak that allows an infinite number of scrolls on your iDevices. You just need to download Mobius and start scrolling endlessly. It is a very simple app with hardly any configuration option.


It is one of the most wonderful Cydia apps for backing up your tweaks. Whenever you lose the jailbreaking functionality on your phone, you not only lose the ability to get Cydia app, but you also compromise all the Cydia tweaks also. Thanks to AptBackup that you can save all your Cydia tweaks. It backs up the list of Cydia tweaks. When you jailbreak your device again, you can simply restore these tweaks.


You will see this app on most of the iOS devices if it is jailbroken. It is an ultimate theming platform for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Almost all major themes for your iOS devices will require WinterBoard.


You can control important parts of your iOS devices with the help of a control center provided by this wonderful Cydia app. By default, you are only provided with five options. However, you may want more than that sometimes. These five options are default. They can’t be changed either.

With the help of this wonderful app, you can fully customize the Control Center as you wish. You can set more than five options for toggling on/off and also set the appearance of buttons on it. You can also choose different themes for your control center and set the restrictions about their appearance on the lock screen.

iTransmission 4

It is a wonderful tweak that allows you to download torrents. It is an ultimate Bottorrent client for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on iOS 7. This Is simply the best way to get the torrents on your Apple’s devices. It has been updated for iOS7 for a better sleek look. It has the ability to provide torrents via the web, magnetic links or direct URLs.


It is by far one of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 when it comes to giving your devices new scrolling animations. It is seriously competing with legendary jailbreak tweak Barrel.

You can make cool use of the tweak if you have some knowledge about programming. It opens the door for many possibilities.


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