Dangerous DIY tips – Get that Big Booty technique by Congolese Women – who inject Chicken Stock into their posteriors [Video]

big booty

They are called the fairer sex, that’s women, though many will not admit it, they can go to any length to make themselves look more attractive to the opposite sex and/or look better than all the other women in the room.

When it comes to cosmetics and surgeries, we hear of women – from all over the world – during extreme enhancement of the female body. As they try to conform to the societal pressure of looking a certain way.

However, we live in a world of gender equality, where what a woman can do, a man can also do; or the other way if you like. I can say in the recent 50 years, the male species of race have begun doing some ‘beauty enhancement’ their male ancestors will frown at and call unmanly. I am talking about the case of men doing pedicures, manicures, and (the strangest one for me) wearing fake beards.

But that is a story for another day, today we’re talking about big booty, in Africa. There is this general assumption that African women and women around the world with African heritage are naturally curvy around their posteriors. Well, that is mostly true!

However, it will be false to say that all African women are that way; there are some, whom it seems this gene skipped their lineage. And living in a society where the majority of men prefer curvy posteriors, the pressure to conform to this societal belief of the ideal woman can be great for women who aren’t as curvy.

We have seen it in the developing nations, women taking to the surgeon’s table and going under the knife to enhance their look. Curvy posteriors are one of the tweaks surgeons have been doing on a woman’s body, but it comes at a premium rate.

Rates that perhaps most women in Congo without the curvy posteriors cannot afford to pay. That is why they have come up with their own DIY tip on how to get curvy posteriors. It has been documented that (the few) African women in Congo without curvy posteriors have taken to injecting themselves with chicken stocks. The process is as easy as walking into a chemist shop, buying a syringe and going home, filling it up with chicken stock, and injecting your butt with the stuff.

Health experts warn the practice is not only extremely dangerous because of the substance they are using, but in the casual manner, the women are doing it. Though to them, it’s a DIY hack on getting that big booty that will bring all the ‘boys into their yard.’ Never mind that the chicken stock seasoning is meant to make food taste better, not make the woman’s butt look better. As it is being used as butt fillers or enhancers through anal injection.

In Congo, as well as most African society (and I believe in African-American societies) a woman with thicker backside is the ideal standard for a beautiful woman. It is not everything a man looks for in a woman, but it carries a lot of weight in a man’s ‘vetting’ for a woman he wants to be ‘romantic’ with. Thankfully, most women in these societies come thicker butt and thicker thighs, but there is that small percentage that doesn’t fit in.

Women with slender bodies constantly feel the pressure to ‘conform’ and apparently such women in Congo have taken to injecting their butt with chicken stock. Since such plastic surgery is not available in their country, and even if they were, they would be out of reach for many women in terms of cost.

So the slender Congolese woman would take a chicken stock, crush it into bits, and liquefy it making a thick paste, which is then poured into a syringe. They then get the mixture into their body via anal injection of the paste. It is believed that the chicken stock makes the tissue in the lower body to swell up, and hence comes the thick bubble butt that looks so damn attractive.

Doctors strongly advise against this practice as it could lead to a number of serious rectal diseases. Sadly, such advice seems to be falling on deaf ears, as the practice is now spreading out of the Congo and into neighboring African countries. You can check out video coverage of the practice done by Vice in the video below.

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