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Dark Sky App for iOS Tracks Rain in Your Area

by Fahad Saleem

Dark Sky App for iOS Tracks Rain in Your Area

You can find a plethora of weather apps for iOS that would provide plenty of interesting features about the weather including forecasting about the rain. iOS also contains a native weather app. Most of the times, you will find weather apps trying to pull out something out of the ordinary in order to impress the customers. However, most of the users would just like to know what is going around them right now and in the immediate future? This simple functionality is provided by Dark Sky app. This app has been featured to provide weather updates in UK.

Dark Sky is a pretty simple app, consisting of a split interface to show the precipitation chart and forecasts for now as well as for the next hour. The former section will show you a chart of the extent of rain around you. Interestingly enough, while most of the weather apps show the percentage chances of the rain, Dark Sky shows the animated chart to show the uncertainty in extent of the rain. This feature manifests itself as a wobble effect in the outline in the chart.

 As soon as you hit the Now and Next box, it slides upwards while showing you four temperature forecasts for the next 3 hours, this evening, overnight and the coming morning.

dark sky  2

At the bottom of the front page, there is a location bar for searching for a specific location. If your place has no rain in the forecast, it will show some other places that have great chances of rain. You may switch to that location to see a heavy precipitation chart.

dark sky  3

The main page carries two virtual buttons: one for switching the notifications on/off while the other switches to radar view. Notifications appear in the form of badges in the lock screen and in the notification centre. The main part of the app shows the part of the world in which you are residing with the radar signals returning from clouds.

dark sky  4

Dark Sky also implemented a forecasting system based on the source of crowd. You need to shake your iOS device to show the weather report submission form.

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Download Dark Sky from iTunes App Store

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