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Dash Cam Puts an End to Challenges of Travelling by Cab

Dash Cam Puts an End to Challenges of Travelling by Cab

We are highly dependent on cabs for our commute in today’s day and age as it is convenient and easy. With a click of a button, you can travel hassle-free from one destination to another. With the spread of cab services like Ola and Uber, the number of cabs has also increased substantially.

With the introduction of government initiatives such as odd-even, the demand for cabs has increased. That’s not all, many MNCs also provide their employees with cab pick and drop services to and from office. It is safe to say that you can find plenty of cabs on the road in the nation.

According to the Government of India’s Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation’s Statistical Yearbook 2015, India has over 22 lakhs motor vehicles registered in India as cabs. This number is only growing over the years, making safety of the occupants of the cab an increasing concern. One of the initiatives that car owners have taken to increase the safety of the inhibits of the vehicle is installing a car dash cam.

Women’s security is a matter of grave concern in the country, as many harrowing cases have emerged in the past. In such instances, a car dash cam installed in the cab brings peace of mind to not only the inhabitants but also the family members.

Here are a few ways in which a car dash cam puts an end to challenges of traveling by cab

1. Provides a Good Rider Experience

As a cab company owner, you want to provide the best experience for whoever used your services. It is not only essential to ensure that your cab’s cleanliness is maintained, AC functions correctly, or car works smoothly but also provides security. This sense of security can be achieved by installing a car dash cam in cabs. With this device installed in your vehicles, the rider is assured that they will have a safe commute and can be worry-free.

2. Tracks no Unnecessary Stops are Made

With the help of a car dash cam, as a cab service provider, you can track that the driver doesn’t make unnecessary pickups. Unauthorized pickups can be done by the driver to earn extra money. This could put the safety of the passenger in danger, and you’re the reputation of your company’s under a bad name.

3. Ensures That The cab is on Its Designated Path

When it comes to ensuring the safety of the people in the cab, it is crucial to make sure that the driver moves on his destined path. Even one wrong turn could put the rider’s safety in grave danger.

4. In case of a breakdown

No matter how well maintained your cab is, it is bound to breakdown sometime or another. This could happen in the middle of the night in a deserted location, putting the safety of the rider in danger. However, with the help of a dash cam, you can efficiently track the whereabouts and assist immediately. The dash cam allows you to track the location of the vehicle through your connected device.

Stay a Step Ahead of Road Threats

Security devices such as car dash cams can help your service users have a safe rider experience. With all the ways mentioned above, you can reap the benefits of a dash cam equipped in your vehicle. However, with the changing times, it is essential to keep up with the changing threats on the roads.

For your cabs to be the safest on the roads, there are various things that you need to ensure. Some of these things include maintaining the quality of driving, mishandling of vehicle, prevent excessive usage of phone. A mere car dash cam does not suffice when it comes to meeting the challenges of the Indian roads. To meet the modern threats on Indian roads efficiently, you need a device that has exclusively been designed and engineered in the country.

One such technologically advanced device is KENT Cameye, made to provide 360-degree protection for your vehicle and riders on the road. Its smart features put you one step ahead of danger. This easy to use and install device can be ordered from Amazon India website. Now, grow your business as one of the most trustable ones with this device.

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