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Datatex Announces New Version of Leading Software – AMETHYST2


After two years of careful planning, programming and rigorous testing by their own team of programmers – the result is a more modern, flexible Call Recording and Quality Management platform

Datatex, the leader in innovative telephony software solutions, recently announced the official release of a fully re-engineered version of AMETHYST, its exceedingly popular, industry leading, web-based telephone call recording system and quality management software.

“The original AMETHYST which we developed 15 years ago, remains without question, a really solid software solution, but the reality is that there are only so many upgrades you can do – especially in a 15 year time frame.” says Datatex CEO, Johan Landman.

Technology and needs have changed quite dramatically and we recognized that the time had come to essentially start afresh and create a completely new version of our software. The new version, AMETHYST2, builds on the already powerful capabilities of the original AMETHYST, while making sure that we fully capitalize on the capabilities that more modern technology offers.”

Re-designed from scratch. More features, improved functionality

In 2015, Datatex embarked upon re-creating AMETHYST from the ground up. After two years of careful planning, programming and rigorous testing by their own team of programmers – the result is a more modern, flexible Call Recording and Quality Management platform.

“For example, we’re now offering unlimited supervisor licenses which are free, while we’ve built in functions that allow for extensive group structures and access control. The way that the original AMETHYST had been developed was somewhat more restrictive. We’re now able to accommodate much more of what we know our clients need.” says Landman.

So with AMETHYST2, companies and users alike can look forward to a wide range of incredible new features that improve workflow and overall management.

Company decision makers in particular, will be pleased with key operational improvements which include the fact that AMETHYST2 is now a 64bit application. This allows for greater processing speeds. The software also provides for more efficient and cost effective scalability, and an even greater standard of reliability and redundancy.

A modern call recording and quality management solution for today’s workplace

Many businesses today, who are reliant on technology to operate, need 3 key features to remain efficient and competitive – Security, Mobility and Scalability. AMETHYST2 enables all these essentials and more, which is why it’s definitely a winning solution for both multi-office and international companies.

Landman says that Datatex recognized that they had to get rid of any limitations from the old software. “We needed to make sure that AMETHYST2 not only works seamlessly with the technology that companies use today, but we needed to also make the software easier to use and more intuitive.”

AMEHTYST2 is geared for speed, ease of use and efficiency. New features such as its fully integrated communication records which link all modes of communication such as email call recordings and chat to one agent make agent management more streamlined.

Reporting has received a serious overhaul and users can now look forward to extensive and detailed statistical data and reports, which can be scheduled for automatic distribution to the appropriate team members.

The upgrades within AMETHYST2 are extensive and as Landman says “Everyone that has used AMETHYST, will experience a big difference between the two versions.”

Companies familiar with Datatex can rest assured that with new protocols and settings, AMETHYST2 remains fully compliant with POPI, FICA, FAIS, SOX, PCI, NCA and PCA.

Full details regarding all the features included in AMETHYST2, can be found on the Datatex website HERE.

Where to get it

Acquiring AMETHYST2 involves a once off purchase, with ongoing free same version updates, and no annual fees.

Datatex provides highly personalized service and support, which existing clients of theirs, genuinely value. It is for this reason that they prefer to work with their clients personally and provide fully customized quotes that suit the specific needs of the organization.

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