Day 2 of the African Women in Tech Conference – the Pitch Day | #AWITKenya19

The second and final day of the African Women in Tech (AWIT) conference saw startups come with their spruced up pitch deck ready to impress the panel of judges. More on that later on in this article, first here is a recount of the second day of the AWITKenya19 conference.

Day two was also held at the MJC and run from 8 AM to 6 PM. Here is a recap of the flow of events that day:

1st Panel: Technology enabling financial inclusion in Africa


2nd Panel: Star Stories of women leaders in Tech: Sonia Kabra, Co-founder – Buupass

3rd Panel: Upgrading your skills and being ready for emerging roles in tech


4th Panel: You, your career and personal branding


5th Panel: Star Stories of women leaders in Tech: Linda Bonyo – Tech and Immigration Advocate, Lawyers Hub Kenya

The Pitch Competition




EcoConcepts – They turn waste plastic, rubber, and sand into building blocks for housing. Their main target is families living within the rural areas and urban slums who are currently living in mud houses and houses made out of tin and nylon. They are currently seeking LEED certification and partnership with the government of Kenya to provide low-cost housing. More information here >>
Afrofinity – an e-commerce platform focusing on hair and beauty products. Customers can source products and discover professional in their area while earning rewards. Beauty professionals who register with us can showcase their work, connect with new clients, and enjoy commissions on every sale they make through our store. What we are at a fundamental level is a platform that empowers independent beauty contractors, a vast majority of whom are women, to focus on running their businesses by taking most if the admin tasks off their hands. More info >> 

PajiAfriq – is a child-centered boardgame targeting 6-10-year-olds with the aim of enhancing parent-child interaction that enables the parent to understand their child by mostly understanding the child’s interest. The game gives the child a fun informal – out of the class way of learning about their families and their interest in general.
Sproutfy – an app centralized database for schools, automating their current manual practices. The app organizes and simplifies school data entry, significantly easing schools administrative duties. More info >>
cleantweak – a digital marketing tool that collates all of your band’s content into one place. More info >>


Well, Sproutfy carried the day and bagged the AWIT Kenya 2019 prize. For more details not covered here, please follow the conversation across all social media using the hashtag #AWITKenya19To view our other coverage of the entire conference, click here.
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