Deals Alert: Surfshark giving away FREE VPN Accounts to Small Businesses working from home


The world is currently embroiled in trying times, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. It is at such times that humanity needs to rise above selfish interest, and collectively chart a strategy to defeat this virus. Surfshark becomes the latest corporation to show compassion above profits, in the face of this challenge.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Surfshark has resorted to helping small businesses that have been forced to adopt the remote work workmanship model, by giving them free VPN accounts.

As you can imagine, the remote work model, for a lot of companies came up as an impromptu plan to counter further infection. By having their employees work from home, companies minis the risks of the COVID19 virus spreading much further.

Surfshark wants you better prepared for Working from Home

A lot of the companies that are taking up remote working are simply rushing into it, as a measure to mitigate losses for the business, while protecting staffers from the virus. However, in reality, most of these companies are not fully prepared for the work from home model.

As such, hackers and other online malicious players, are lurking on the internet waiting for the opportunity to arise and strike. Perhaps it could be an employee, who decides that while they will be working remotely, they will use unsecured public wi-fi to get the job done.

At such a point, the hacker will simply hack into the staff’s computer, and get away with sensitive company information. There are myriads of things and interests a hacker could have on confidential company data.

FREE VPN for Companies over next 6 Months

Surfshark has announced that as part of its contribution to the fight against the coronavirus, it is going to donate free VPN accounts to small businesses. In a bid to secure the small businesses against potential losses resulting from a hacker compromising the staff’s devices while they are working from home.

How to get the FREE VPN Accounts

The minimum requirement for your business to score a free VPN account from Surfshark. The business must have a maximum of ten employees. If you meet that threshold, then proceed to this link.

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