Debbie Larry-Izamoje talks matters SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing… | #AWITNigeria19

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Debbie Larry-Izamoje, also known as the entrepreneurs best friend, is the founder of Image Boosters one of Nigeria’s fastest growing digital marketing and PR agencies. We would like to introduce her to our readers; she is part of the amazing lineup fo women in tech who made the just concluded #AWITNigeria19 all the more colorful.

Here is a snippet of our little sit down with Debbie:

What does technology represent to you in your chosen field?

Technology is life! Its such a huge part of everything I do that I cannot imagine running my business without it. So far, the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift.

There are so many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era and as the CEO of a digital marketing and PR agency, it is important that I stay in the loop as these trends unfold.

Over here at Image Boosters, we communicate internally and track the progress of digital campaigns run for companies to even the devices and apps we use daily. Technology makes it easier for us all and is at the core of what all services we offer our digital marketing clients.

How long have you been exposed to the African tech field, and how has this influenced your knowledge of technological advancement in Africa?

I will say I have been following technology for about 4 years now and I can say without any shadow of the doubt that technology is rapidly changing the world for the better and Africa is not left out. In Africa, a number of nations are developing new approaches and seeking innovative partnerships to accelerate technological progress which will boost business.

Small businesses have been given opportunities to create invoices online, send said invoices to clients without physically going to the client’s office, transfer funds, measure growth, and PR efforts.

What are some exciting Tech Trends for you at the moment?

A few tech trends that I find exciting are Artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, and chatbots. I am particularly a huge fan of artificial intelligence because AI cannot only analyze consumer behavior and search patterns but it can also utilize data from social media platforms and blog posts to help business owners understand how users and customers find their products and services.

A close second is chatbots, I think that chatbots will continue to be an important part of digital marketing in 2019. Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they are responsive, give answers promptly, accurately recall your entire buying history, and never lose patience as some human customer care representatives do.

Are you ever worried about Ethics in tech, while working?

Oh yes, as a company that handles sensitive information such as client’s passwords, email list, contact information and so on we are constantly trying to ensure that there is no security breach of any sort. The main focus for us an organization is to ensure that as much as possible, data provided by the consumers which are now owned by the company is strictly confidential.

Also, it’s important to us as an agency that we do not cross the line when we put up content whether in form of photos, videos or even creating full-fledged campaigns lest we give our clients a negative reputation. We also ensure that participation in our campaigns are voluntary and the identity of participants are protected and secure.

As an African woman in tech, what is the most significant challenge you have faced professionally?

I would say a low barrier to entry in my field. We live in an age where anyone can walk up to you and claim to be a digital marketing expert because they joined a 30 minutes class online. And so many brands do not know that the cheapest option in the market is not always the best. So you have cases of brands paying freelancers to get a job done and ending up with a spammed account because these people who are otherwise untrained have used automation tools to grow the accounts and obtain followers who are inactive to the detriment of the page’s engagement.


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