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Debunking the Myths about Switching from Windows to macOS

by Felix Omondi
macOS versus windows

Windows computers are pretty common, across numerous corporates, businesses, and even for personal use. No wonder most hackers and black hat software engineers create more viruses and malware targeting this group of users than others. That is not to say that Windows is less secure than other platforms; then again statistics do point firmly towards that direction of thinking.

When it comes to choice of machine for business or professional work, you need something that is reliable, stable, and secure. Ask any IT experts, and they will advise you to get a Mac computer instead of a Windows computers. However, there have been a lot of myths, rumors, and half-truths among Windows users that makes them over think about making that switch to Mac. In this article, we are going to debunk some of these myths and hopefully clear things up for users caught in a dilemma of whether to make the switch or not.

Mac Computers are too expensive

Well, that is true. Your typical Mac computer sometimes cost twice or even thrice your typical Windows PC. However, that is because Apple took a completely different strategy from the one Windows PCs makers take. For Apple, they build high-end machines with top-of-the-range specs and the machine is designed to last a lifetime.

On the other hand, Windows PCs makers build a wide range of machine, from entry level, middle level, and high-end market. On average Mac computers have a long life service compared to PCs. When you think about it, the initial cost of buying a Mac computer is high, but you may find someone using a Mac they bought 10 years ago, while a user using a PC has changed their computers two or three times.

Windows is the Business Tool, not Mac

When you think about business the first thing most people think about is the Microsoft Office suit. Well, little do they know that the first Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs were first designed on a Mac computer before being available on PC. In a nutshell, Microsoft Office and other professional business tool have their Mac OS version as much as they have a Windows version.

If you are still skeptical, note that in 2006, Apple switch to Intel chips. Meaning you can install Windows natively on a Mac, and funny enough after the company made that switch. MacBook Pro was voted the best Windows PC for three years in a row. Also, don’t forget, macOS uses FileVault (full disk encryption) and comes with XProtect out of the box, meaning you are safeguarded against malware attack; which is way more than can be said about PCs.

The learning curve of switching may cost the business money

That is absolutely true. Then again, in business when you make any fundamental switch in your business, there is always cost to business associated with the learning curve. When you think of the security, lifespan, and reliability Mac computers bring to the organization, the learning curve will be a well worth cost to pay.

It will not work on our network

Mac computers use Server Message Block (SMB) as a file sharing protocol; which is the standard network protocol used by Windows. That means a Mac will work just as effectively and efficiently on your network, like any other PC. Additionally, the fact that macOS is built on top of UNIX – a multiuser, multitasking computer OS – it can support all internet network stacks very well. Apple is also taking things further; the company has partnered with Cisco and is ensuring iOS devices can now seamlessly work across Cisco networks; the industry leader in the enterprise networking.

In case you were not sure if macOS devices will be the best choice of computers for your business or personal use. We hope the points mentioned above will remove any doubts you previously had before.

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