Debunking the Social Media Marketing Myths, Should you be on All of them?

Debunking the Social Media Marketing Myths, Should be on All of them?

Let’s stick to the basics, shall we! What is social media marketing? In keeping with the basicness, I would define it as using a social media platform to promote your product, service, or brand. It makes a lot of sense to do so; I mean, it is a platform where so many people are on, and to a great extent, it is free to post something therein. It might as well be posting about your business or campaign.

Now that we got the definitions out of our way. It is time we ask ourselves the fundamental questions. Without mincing words any further, let us get down to it:

1. Should be on All Social Media Platforms?

There is such a thing as the right social media platform and a wrong social media platform. To drive this point home, let us use the analogy of clothing. Now, any garment you choose to wear might be right or wrong depending on the occasion. A bikini suite down at the beach would be right at home, the same garment in a corporate office meeting will be weird.

Same thing with social media platforms. It depends on your product, service, or brand, and your targeted audience. For instance, posting about legal advice on social media sites like LinkedIn would be appropriate. If you are offering home deco services, your postings on social media like Instagram and Pinterest would again be relevant.

It all falls down to the type of product you got on your hands and where you are likely to find the most of your target audience. Once you got those suited, you need to ask yourself the next question.

2. How often should you be posting?

Contrary to innate thinking, posting less is actually good for you. Yes, you read that right! You need not overwhelm your audience with your posts every 2-hours if you want them to take their time to pay attention to your content. Research has established that brands that you could lose followers if you keep overwhelming your follower with posts.

Instead of pushing out content as fast as you can create them, focus on crafting posts that resonate the most with your audience and figure out the right time to post them. You can use Google Analytics to help you with that; other third-party tools can also help in ensuring maximum results per post.

3. Do you a Huge Following?

Enough with the paid posts and sponsored content. You need to grow organically, and you do that by serving your current base of customers well. Then word of mouth will get around, bringing you more followers. Getting a high number of followers is unnecessary. Focus more on your content and how you will customize it and make it relevant to your demographics in a sincere, relevant, energetic, and useful manner.

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4. Is Social Media Marketing Free?

Social media marketing is free? Huh, isn’t that the joke of the century! Though they might want you to think it is free, and to some extent, it is, in as far as posting a series of information about your brand. All of those posts will be immediately available to your current audience. To get to new customers, you are going to pay the given social media platform.

For instance, Facebook charges a fee to direct a new customer to your Page or Group. You also need to part with some money to get your banner featured on the header, sidebar, or in pop-up ads.

5. Post exclusively about your Brand

Biggest mistake people do on social media is talk about themselves all the time. Do it long enough, and you are going to lose the interest of your followers. As a rule of thumb, apply the 20 to 80 rule; post 20% of the time about yourself, and the other 80% about content relevant to your audience, which is not necessarily about you. Create an online persona that is fun and always positive to engage with, but that is not to say you become sham with vulgar humor and not replying to messages. Such acts will be turn-offs for your followers.

Running a good social media marketing might seem counter-intuitive; like you are working in the wrong direction. However, you mustn’t bombard your target demographics with constant messages about yourself always. Instead, focus on researching and customizing your content to come up with an effective social media marketing campaigns.

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