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Decibel Pro App Review


We hear noises all the time, but we rarely think about how harmful they can be. With an affordable and convenient sound meter app, it becomes possible to measure surrounding noises.

Intro to Decibel Pro App

Decibel Pro App is a sound-level meter program that anyone can install on a portable device. This is a top-quality tool suitable for both professional and day-to-day use. Loud noises always surround us, but we can not even realize this fact. Therefore, it is so convenient to have a free decibel meter app at hand.

Decibel Pro App Design And Interface

Decibel Pro App can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play to cover all iOS and Android devices. This sound level meter app has a modern minimalistic design and an accessible interface. Even beginner smartphone users will be able to utilize this application without trouble. Decibel Pro App has two color schemes for more convenience. Dark and light modes can turn your program either dark grey and red or white and red colors. This is currently the best decibel meter app available on the market.

Benefits of Using Decibel Pro App

Using a noise dosimeter in your everyday life is helpful. The key benefit is protecting your hearing, which is crucial for your overall health. While not everyone owns a professional tool for measuring noises, it is so simple to download a noise meter app on your Apple gadget or another device. It was scientifically proven that noises surpassing 70 dB can be damaging for our hearing. But what most people do not know is that many common things produce potentially harmful noises. They include:

  • Traffic – from 85 to 95 dB
  • Noisy public places – about 80 dB
  • Wake-up alarm – from 65 to 80 dB

Even music that we listen to in our headphones exceeds acceptable levels if we turn up the volume too high. The possibility to detect the dangerous noise levels is helpful as we can protect ourselves from being exposed to noise damage for too long.

How Does It Work

Decibel Pro App works as a decibel meter app by utilizing the microphone of your device to pick up surrounding noises and measure them. Just like you can record sounds when making a video with your smartphone or tablet, this application records noises and measures them. Accurate measuring is possible due to the professional sound equipment that was used while tuning the app. You cannot calibrate it manually, but all the settings are precise enough to deliver appropriate sound measurements.

Using the Decibel Pro App

It is truly simple to use a decibel app like this one. Every smartphone user will be able to utilize this application without problems. Here is what you should do to access this app and all its features:

  1. On your portable device, open up an app market, such as Play Market or App Store.
  2. Find Decibel Pro App by using the search bar.
  3. Download the app. The program will be automatically installed when the download is finished.
  4. Open up the program and simply choose a feature you need. All the features are listed in the menu.

To be able to use the app, you do not need to sign up and log in to a personal account to access its features. All you need to do is to open the Decibel Pro App and use it.

The Good and the Bad

Decibel Pro App is so highly acclaimed for a reason. Here are its benefits and weaker points.


  • The app is free.
  • Can be utilized on a daily basis and for professional activities.
  • Has diverse functionality that allows not only measuring noise levels.
  • The application uses precise configuration due to professional tuning tools.
  • Includes a free-of-charge hearing test to evaluate your hearing.


  • Some more advanced features are not free.

As you can see, Decibel Pro App is one of the best products on the sound meter app market today. This simple and convenient application is competing with other similar apps, which are paid. Decibel Pro App is truly convenient as anyone can measure the level of surrounding noise within seconds. Not to mention that there is a gratis hearing test included. With it, you can evaluate the state of your hearing.

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