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Deep Algo wants to make Coding Simple to Anyone; through Simple Code Visualization

by Felix Omondi
deep algo

As far as the most outstanding startups to pitch at this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley, Deep Algo must be among the ones that knocked the socks off the judges. The French team wants to make the advanced coding languages like C++, C Sharp, and JavaScript simple and accessible to the masses through SaaS (Software as a Service). In a nutshell, they want to do these languages what WYSIWYG did to HTML.

You can imagine the complexities Deep Algo has to overcome, and how robust it has to be to handle these advanced coding language in the hands of coder wannabes rookies. The company’s CEO, Xavier Lagarrigue told TechCrunch:

We make non-IT people understand code. The technology uses the code as an input and then everything is automatic. We extract the business concepts first from the code and then build questions. And as a user, you select the question and find the answer in the code. If you are a non-coder, you will understand the format.”

How Deep Algo works

Deep Algo works by presenting somewhat a form where the user can determine the precise output they want from a set of code. The system picks up from there and breaks down things into some flowchart to help the user understand better the actions created by those particular set of codes.

The catch is to get non-technical employees/persons involved in the process of designing and coding a company’s software and give their unique input to the process. Though the whole aspect of turning high-level programming language into simple code visualizations gets a lot of skepticism from industry experts. Lagarrigue argues that their software allows any user to create “any action” and “with the input, you can explain whatever you want. That’s the power of the format. We can represent anything the code does.”

Despite the fact that the whole ‘visualized coding thing’ is still in its infancy stage, Deep Algo has already partnered with four companies in pilot programs to expand to more partners. On the retail level, the system will sell on a per-user basis.

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