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How to Delete, Clear Recent Search History in Facebook Messenger App

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook Messenger is used by millions of people daily. People search for different terms and other people on their Facebook Messenger app. That is why there is a need to delete Facebook Messenger recent history. You should delete your Messenger history because it appears for quite a long time whenever you open Messenger app and tap the search box to type anything.

Clear Recent Search History in Messenger App

Most of the people keep seeing Facebook Messenger search history because they keep signed in in their Facebook account and Messenger. As soon as you sign out of the Facebook and kill the session for messenger, Facebook messenger search history is deleted automatically.

Here is how to do it

Log in Facebook and go to Account Settings. Go to Security and go to Active sessions. Make sure to tap the cross button on your active sessions. This will log you out of the Messenger app, thereby deleting all search history.

After doing this, go to Facebook Messenger app and you will see a notification that the session has been logged out.

Now login Facebook account again and go to Facebook Messenger and you will see that there is no search history to be seen.

Another easy way to clear search history on Facebook Messenger app is to delete both the Facebook app and Messenger app. Install the apps again and login your account as previous sessions will end.

This is how to delete and clear Facebook search history in Messenger in iPhone and Android. In case of questions and confusions, comment on this post below.

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