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How to Deliver World Class Services in a Startup Budget

by Fahad Saleem

How to Deliver World Class Services in a Startup Budget

In the market with extreme competitive environment, it takes something out of ordinary to make your business standout. The business companies have to deliver their best in providing services and products to achieve satisfaction of customers. The main focus of business efforts is to serve the customers to the maximum extent. Many entrepreneurs think that the desired levels of customer satisfaction cannot be achieved until the growth of business reaches a certain level. This is not particularly true these days. Even the mediocre startups can raise customer satisfaction levels very high with their efforts directed in the right direction. Consider the following ways for providing world-class service on a startup budget.

Put Customer Satisfaction the Top Priority

This thing might sound very obvious and straightforward, but it is very difficult to achieve the sustained level of customer satisfaction. You need to show customers that you value their desires more than anything else. For this purpose, you need to choose the metrics that are directly related with customer satisfaction such as the strength of regular customers, the percentage of customers who make repeat purchases, churn rate etc. Show these important figures at places where everyone could see easily. Let the members of your team know that the achievement of these metrics is the responsibility of everyone in the company.

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Pay Attention to Demands of Customers

You must build a system that can collect, synthesize, and analyze the feedback of customers. The feedback of customers can come from plenty of channels such as social media, calls, emails, posts, texts etc. When the feedback of the customers is properly organized, it can aid in building a suitable business model. It may not be wise to take all the decisions on the basis of customer feedback, but still the feedback must be reflected somehow or the other in the policies of the business.

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Use Technology to Interact with Customers

When the companies are short of resources and popularity, they can gather the attention of customers by using their agility and speed. Using the modern means of communication such as social media, emails, and other forums, the startups can solve the queries of customers. The demands of customers can be collected easily. There must be a proper help desk or support centre for direct dealing with customers via social media and other internet sources. Engage your customers in conversational and personable manner.

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