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Dell EMC Forum comes up with suggestion for South Africa’s digital future

by Milicent Atieno
Dell EMC Forum

The world has gone digital, and for any business or institutions worth its salt, it time to digitize your operation. Dell EMC Forum held in Sandton, South Africa came up with suggestions mapping out the future of the country in this digital age.

Delegates to the Dell EMC Forum 2018 came from both big and small corporations. They all came looking forward for tips on how they need to re-model their current businesses to best adapt to the digital future.

“Everyone has got an opportunity to grab onto the digital future. How do we showcase to customers how to revolutionize their businesses?” said Doug Woolley, the General Manager of Dell EMC South Africa.

From a South African perspective, we’ve got the skills, the tech, and know-how. There’s no reason why we can’t start that journey. This is not an American or European concept. This is something we can deliver today in SA.”

Woolley called upon SA companies not to dilly dully on digitizing their operations.

My view is you should have started this yesterday. There is no end date – you will constantly evolve, especially at the applications level.”

The Dell EMC Forum also made several presentation on opportunities for businesses to incorporate technology and strategy in their operations in order to bring customers closer and increase their profit margins. The attendees got plenty of learning opportunities, from meeting with officials from Dell EMC to specialized presentations and not forgetting the captivating opening ceremonies and keynote.

We see IT as a fundamental piece of investment, because it drives the way organizations behave,” said Nigel Moulton, the EMEA CTO for Dell EMC’s Converged Platforms & Solutions.

In the past, we focused on systems of record. Systems of engagement were reasonably hard to do because it involves people talking to people. But as you digitize, you allow people to interact through a piece of software, internal or external. So the way you offer systems of engagement changes when you do software.”

Moulton further says that digitization completely changes the rules of the game. While humans think in linear fashion, technology is geometric; expanding exponentially. That is why experts believe by simply polling a handful of people from one of the big social network, it ended up have data on millions of people.

If you think about embedding these systems in a linear way, you’re doing it wrong. That’s not how we get insight. There will be billions of things, using micro services to gather, measure, monitor, and report. It’s not monolithic, it’s distributed. Digest massive amounts of data and apply mathematical functions to it to learn and drive a result.”

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