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Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network #DWEN Summit Coming To Cape Town | June 2016

by Milicent Atieno
Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network #DWEN Summit Coming To Cape Town | June 2016

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) will hold a summit themed ‘Innovating for a future-ready world’ in Cape Town, South Africa on June 27-28, 2016. The summit will bring together a community of over 150 seasoned female entrepreneurs, business leaders, media personalities and Dell partners from around the globe. The summit will delve into the pressing issues affecting businesses. The venue for the event has not yet been decided.

Judging by DWEN’s theme, ‘innovating for a future-ready world’, the summit believes that innovation is a core part of staying competitive in the business community. That is especially true considering how fast things change in this modern world driven by technology.

Through innovation, problems that seem insurmountable are overcome using creative and sustainable solutions. That save both human lives, boost human potential and brings hope to million. The DWEN summit seeks to unite female entrepreneurs from around the world and give them the hope, power and tools they need to create a better, stable and prosperous future. The summit offers the opportunity to all women around the world.

Karen Quinto, the Chief Marketing Officer at Dell, made a press release that read, “The role women play in driving the global economy is becoming more and more foundational to the health and well-being of our world.

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network is all about fostering relationships and providing gateways to the resources women founders need to succeed. There’s no better place than South Africa, a burgeoning center of entrepreneurship, to have these important conversations.”

The summit will also delve into a report from the findings of a new study done on women’s entrepreneurship. These findings will act used as the diagnostic tools for female entrepreneurs from various countries around the globe, in a bid to expand the opportunities available to them.

DWEN summit has previously been held in Berlin, Istanbul, New Delhi, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. For more details on this, head on to Dell’s website.

About Dell

Dell is a United States multinational computer technology maker. The company also supports and nurtures female entrepreneurs’ activities in various parts of the world; by providing them with access to the networks, technology and capital to scale up their business ventures. The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network was incepted back in 2008.

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