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On-Demand Laundry and Home Cleaning service Kisafi launch in Nigeria and Uganda

It seems Uber started off on a really ingenious idea. There’s something so liberating when you grab your smartphone and few screen tabs you have what you want coming to you right where you are!

Well, that idea cannot be credited to Uber, it has been around for a while. But Uber is certainly one of the best examples of its successful execution. And now, we’re introducing to you Kisafi. Based on the same principles of taking your phone, few taps here and there, and you have services coming to you.

Kisafi is an on-demand laundry and home cleaning service. It is a startup company that wants you not to bother yourself with mundane tasks such as doing the laundry or house cleaning chores. It has been operating in Kenya since March 2016. It allows users organize for their dirty laundry to be picked up and dropped off as clean. Users can also call for house cleaning services via the site

or on their Android app. Following a successful run in Kenya, Kisafi has now launched in Lagos, Nigeria and Kampala, Uganda.

The Background of Kisafi

Kisafi is an idea created by a team made up of diverse people from Nairobi, New York, and Lagos. The members also have different experiences ranging from, McKinsey & Co., and Citigroup among other global and local companies.

The company guarantees customers 100% money-back guarantee on its services. The reason it says it is confident it can deliver expected level of services is because it has taken their staff through thorough background checking and training sessions in the art of home cleaning and operating laundry equipment.

The company is promising would-be customers convenience, professionalism, quality, and competitively priced services.

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