How to Deny Facebook Access to Camera Roll and Photos Gallery: Stop Facebook from Uploading Your Photos

Facebook is getting creepier ever day. When you install Facebook, app, it constantly bugs you to get access to your phone saved in your gallery. A lot of users do not read notifications clearly and grant access to media to Facebook app. This could accidentally leak your photos to Facebook and become a privacy problem. In this article I will tell you how to deny Facebook access to your photo gallery.

How to Deny Facebook Access to Camera Roll and Photos Gallery

1-  Launch Settings in your Android phone and then go to Applications. Now scroll down and click on “Facebook”. You will see an option “Permissions”. Now go to “Storage” and then swipe right hand side button to turn storage off forever.

2- Another solution to stop Facebook syncing to your photos and deny Facebook access to your photos gallery is to make changes in settings of your Facebook app.

Open Facebook app and then go to Account-> App Settings and then use the option “Sync Photos”.

Choose Don’t Sync my photos option or turn off sync.

This will deny access of Facebook to your camera roll and other photos in gallery.

In case Facebook app still bugs you and accesses your photos, comment on this post and we will get back to you with another solution.

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