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Design Professional Website With Desygner Online Design Tool At Zero Cost

by Felix Omondi
Design Professional Website With Desygner Online Design Tool At Fraction Of The Cost

Starting and running a business used to be simpler; identify a market, source capital, put up production and bam! You are in business. Nowadays things have gone all high-tech with the Internet increasingly becoming influential; any business worth its salt must have an online presence. That includes having a website and social media presence.

Establishing an online presence throws another spanner into the works, you must not put up a knockoff website. Potential customers (who are increasingly making their purchases online) are likely to recommend or make a return visit to your business site if it has an appealing design.

Here is the thing; most startup businesses are working with limited capital. Stretching that capital between inventory, logistics, and hiring staff among other things, you remain with very little money (if any) left to hire a professional web designer. But you really need a well-designed site for your business to really take off in this increasingly online economy.

Desygner is an online web design tool that allows virtually anyone to design a professional looking website at a fraction of the cost. That means you can design your own site, make it look very professional and save your business the extra cost of hiring a professional web designer.

Desygner offers a simpler alternative to Illustrator and Photoshop on a freemium model. You also get 100’s of ready-made templates that you can easily tweak and get your site up and running in minutes and get on with your publishing and printing; you can do that on virtually any device.Design Professional Website With Desygner Online Design Tool At Fraction Of The Cost

Small business owners, bloggers, marketers and even personal users will be able to benefit from the simplicity of the platform,” said Desygner founder Mariana Aguiar in an email correspondence with Innov8tiv.

Although Desygner will allow virtually anyone to design a profession website, it does not replace the work of professional web designers. Rather it enables them to focus on the creativity and innovation part of it, instead of wasting time (charging higher) on minor site adjustments and changing of texts.

In other words, Desygner allows the creative and marketing professionals in an organization to collaborate and make their own versions of marketing materials without compromising the visual identity of their brand.

Desygner, currently in beta was officially launched in the first week of December 2015 and so far has been getting positive reviews. This product covers all online presence needs of a business, from social media accounts headers to posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. You can also design materials for printing like business cards, flyers, restaurant menus, resumes and more.Design Professional Website With Desygner Online Design Tool At Fraction Of The Cost

You can give it a try by visiting

The Story Behind the Story

When Mariana Aguiar and company were launching Desygner, it was evaluated by Pitch Partners at $20 million. A significant feat given they started the company with just $20,000 and working from apartments and cafes while relying on volunteer work from international travelers and interns passionate about their product to help them grow over the three years now.

The company initially started off as a social based photo-book company called Inkive, but later abandoned that market due to many players in that market niche. Six months later they had successfully pivoted into creating two companies from Inkive; Photobooky and Desygner.

Photobooky is much like the earlier Inkive with photo-book creation DNA, while Desygner became their sole focus on editor product with extensive features in the offering. In three years, Desygner has surpassed Photobooky within its first two months of operation and now boasts of about 5,000 users. Considering it is being advertised mainly by word of mouth, Desygner has surpassed their expectations.

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