#DevFest18 | Attend the Techies’ Mecca – The Google Developer Groups DevFest

Attend the Techies’ Mecca – The Google Developer Groups DevFest | #DevFest18

It’s that season again. When techies from all walks of life come under one roof to build, share, and learn about the technologies Google has up its sleeves under the DevFest. The event is happening all over the world, from August 1st to November 30th.

The DevFests will feature speaker sessions, codelabs, hackathons, study jams, training sessions, and much more. The attendees will get front row seat from experts at Google technologies who will be teaching about the various Google platforms. That is Android, Cloud, Firebase, Flutter, TensorFlow, among others.

The various organizers of the DevFest events around the world will tailor the session to demands of their region, thus making it more relevant to the attendees. You are encouraged to find one near you, and take the opportunity

For more information on DevFest, click here. To find a DevFest near you, click here.

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