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Digital Marketing Trends That You Need to Know

by Felix Omondi

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Whether you are a well-established business or a new start trying to scale up your business, digital marketing is an extremely important tool when it comes to company growth and relevancy. A vast majority of new customers and opportunities are found through online marketing, due to the versatile nature of online marketing. Let’s have a look at a few examples of current digital marketing trends that you need to know about and should consider implementing.

Short form video

One of the biggest and most explosive recent trends in digital marketing is short-form videos. The reason a lot of people use this type of digital marketing is because of the low cost, ease, and potential reach that each video has. Because of the high quality that most mobile phone cameras have, this option of digital marketing is also extremely accessible, and no longer are large production teams and expensive video cameras required to create content. You can see that this form of digital marketing is trending due to all major social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all following in the footsteps of TikTok.

E-A-T focused marketing

E-A-T (Expertise Authority and Trust) focused marketing is the criteria set out by Google and it forms an essential part of an search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This criteria, although older, is still extremely relevant, especially with Google’s algorithm update in August 2022, the helpful content update. Adhering to E-A-T will ensure that all information that you provide will be of a high standard and quality, will give value and promote trust in your brand. You could look at contacting an SEO consulting company to help integrate this into your current digital marketing strategies.

AI content writing tool

Content writing is an extremely time-consuming task, but with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more intelligent (especially with the launch of AI such as Chat GPT) it is likely that a large portion of content writing will be delegated to AI. If you use AI to aid in your digital marketing strategies it is likely that you will still need to double-check or smooth over the work that it produces for you, but it will drastically reduce the time you spend on writing and therefore increase your return on investment (ROI), allowing you to free yourself up for other important tasks.


An old marketing technique that you still see used today but is becoming less popular is to use a celebrity or well-known personality to help market your brand. But in recent years the general population have “switched off” from bigger influencers and are actually more likely to buy or take recommendations from smaller and less well-known influencers. The reason being is that they are more relatable and feel a stronger connection to them. Hiring multiple micro-influencers is more cost-effective than signing to a high-value influencer as the ROI can be higher.

Digital marketing is always changing and should be something that you regularly look into to make sure that you are staying current and relevant with the trends, so as to maximize your digital marketing reach and investments.

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