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Digital Technology and Social Media has made it impossible for Tyrants to sweep Social Injustice under the carpet

by Felix Omondi

Many times we have heard of the old adage that ‘information is power.’ Well, we are living in unprecedented times of that power when at a swap on your smartphone, you can get across information halfway around the world. Information can also be relayed back to you at the speed of light from halfway around the world. All thanks to digital technology.

This ability by digital technology has proven especially useful in the way we conduct our business, education, medicine, and even entertainment in these modern times. The same technology is proving to be a champion for social justice and respect for human rights and dignity.

Never in the history of time, have tyrants, human rights abusers, corrupt individuals, and other evil-doers find it hard to hide their transgression. The habitats in which they previously flourished is increasingly being fumigated and sanitized through various digital technology. Social media, for instance, has given virtually anyone with the simplest smartphone device and an internet connection the ability to call out the wrong being done to them and/or those around them.

#EndSARS protests in Nigeria

Currently, Nigerians around the world are calling out the heinous acts done by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID). While the intention for the formation of SARS was to arrest the surge in criminal acts such as kidnapping, armed robbery, and cattle rustling. The special police unit has been carrying out extrajudicial killings, rape, torture, humiliation of suspects, extortion, theft, unlawful detention, and unlawful arrests.

In light of this impunity by a unit supposed to be enforcing law and order, protests began back in 2017 with many Nigerians taking to social media under the hashtag #EndSARS. Earlier this month, that protest grew much bigger and is now making international headlines while calling out the approach the Nigerian government is taking in addressing the people’s concerns.

Below is a snippet of some of the tweets behind the #EndSARS protests on Twitter:

#CongoIsBleeding In DRC

Fun fact! Some key elements that make up the device you are reading this article from are mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Yes, that country in Africa that is constantly on the news with headlines like war, massacre, forced mass migration, refugees running… just heartbreaking news.

But did you know that this country should be among the richest countries on the globe? It certainly has fertile land, climate, and water bodies for a big global economic player. Dig up the earth and you find a treasure trove of minerals used by big tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony to bring your those flashy electronic gadgets.

But how are the minerals mined?

Well, those minerals that are being supplied to big tech companies to make that flash consumer electronic gadget near you is mined through forced child labor, deadly tribal conflicts, and corruption. Just check out the tweets:</span

#ShutItAllDown in Namibia

In Namibia, the cases of Gender-Based Violence have become too common, and it seems the law enforcement authorities are not doing enough to contain the situation. The wanton cases of GBV in the country have sparked mass outrage leading to streets protests and online under the hashtag #ShutItAllDown.


Thanks to social media, bad governments are finding it increasingly harder to hide their transgression from the rest of the world. Anyone with a smartphone camera and some internet connection can spark a revolutions. Check out the rest of campaigns on social media aiming towards achieving respect for human rights and other social justices:


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