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How To Directly Download APK’s of Apps without Restrictions

by Fahad Saleem

How To Directly Download APK’s of Apps without Restrictions

Sometimes, you cannot install an app that you really want in your Android phone, mainly because it may be on the Google play store, but note available in your region or the store says your device is not compatible. What to do now?

Fortunately for this situation, APK Downloader extension is present to help you. It lets you download the APK files off the app directly to your phone. It does not require Google Play to download these APK’s.


apk 1


This extension can work with any app on your phone that is a browser or can open a URL (Google Play can be used too). The Play Store or your browser is merely a gateway for opening the link to your required app. After this, it takes over. It asks you for permission to sign in to you Google account.

apk 2

To download the apk of the app, just open the app in Google play from your browser or directly from Google Play. Press the share button, and lots of sharing options will open. Press APK Downloader from these options. The package address will automatically be added to the extension and then just press “get”. Though there will be no notification for the start of the download, but the progress can be seen in the notification bar. Do not press the button again if you are not sure, because it will start the second download.

You can now install the APK file in two ways. One way is to install it with the normal installer, and the other option is installing by extension. It will not start installing by default, but this option can be enabled in the settings. You can select different regions in the settings and download the apps that are released for different regions.

To download this app, click Here.

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