How to Disable Gmail App [any Google Apps] on Android when using alternative app

How to Disable Gmail App [any Google Apps] on Android when using alternative app

If you are on Android, it is hard to miss how much of Google’s products are being fronted to you first and fast. Google apps come as part of the systems applications, which means you cannot uninstall them.

They include apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Play Music, Photos, Play Newsstand, and Play Games.

Although Google Apps are some of the best applications, you could have for your various needs. There are very few apps out there, which that can efficiently serve your particular preference needs better than what Google has to offer.

However, if or when you do find an app that suits your preference better than what Google has to offer. You soon realize just how stubborn Google can be when you want to replace them.

Say you want to replace the Gmail app with another app; let us say the Gmail-variant, Inbox by Gmail. When you install Inbox and sign in, you will notice the Gmail apps continues to function as your default email client. Now, you found two awkward notifications from both the Gmail app and your alternative email client; in this case Inbox.

How to Disable the Gmail App

The first reaction would be to uninstall the app that you no longer needs, stop this awkward duplication business, but you cannot uninstall systems applications. Gmail app is part of the systems applications.

The next best solution would be to disable the app, and here are the steps to doing so.

Go to Settings > Apps > and scroll down to the Gmail app. Tap it once, and you will see two buttons near the top giving you two options; Disable and Force stop.

Force Stop option should be used when you are experiencing trouble with an app; say it is freezing a lot. However, in our case, we completely want to disable the Gmail app so we can continue using just one app that does the same function. An app of our choice, not one that Google is forcing us to use; though most of their products are top notch, sometimes you want the best you can get.

So go right ahead and tab Disable button and that would the last time you get notifications from the Gmail app when you have a new email.

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