How To Disable Location Tracking in iOS 8 (Guide)

How To Disable Location Tracking in iOS 8 (Guide)

As the awareness among users of iPhones and iPads is increasing regard security measures, they are becoming more conscious about the usage of internet and allowing various apps to access their data. It is very easy to track us down with the kind of sensors available in iPhones and iPads. Some companies might be collecting your location data to sponsor location based services and deals. Some third party apps also utilize Wi-Fi triangulation to offer Google Maps like services to you. If you don’t want tracking of your location, you can easily disable it in iOS 8.

For disabling location tracking, you will have to visit your Settings app a couple of times.

Go to your Settings, then to Privacy Settings, and then to Location Services. You will find a toggle switch for Location Services. When you turn that off, everything related to tracking your location will be turned off. If you want more customized control and allow some apps to use your location while preventing others from doing so, then you can disable location tracking on individual apps gradually. Toggle their respective options for location tracking and you are done.

Now, you have sorted your apps for controlling your privacy. You can also disable irritating apps by visiting Settings->privacy. You will see the option of “Advertising” at the bottom. Next, you are also required to turn on Limit Ad Tracking and then tap the Reset Advertising Identifier. In this way, you would be able to disable the creepy Ads.

This article provided a simple and convenient way to disable your location tracking services completely from your iPhone and iPads. You can turn off location tracking for specified apps while enabling some trusted apps to locate you.



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