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How to disable Open Wi-Fi notifications on your Android phone

by Felix Omondi
open wi-fi

No doubt Google is hell bent on making its mobile operating system more as user-friendly as possible. Sometimes they make it too user-friendly it becomes annoying. I am talking about those constant notifications on available ‘Open Wi-Fi’ and Wi-Fi.

These days, virtually everywhere you go, there is Wi-Fi connection. Sadly, Wi-Fi connection doesn’t always mean internet connection. Mostly it just businesses (banks, restaurants, etc.) trying to get you view their products and services. Often when you connect to these open Wi-Fi networks, you are more likely to get detailed information about the business than actually get online.

That aside, do you really want to connect to an open Wi-Fi network these days? In the midst of all these cases, you hear of ransomware spreading online like a plague, hackers lurking online waiting on you to make a mistake, and Big Ben watching your every online and digital move? I figure open Wi-Fi is not for everyone, especially those that want online/digital privacy and security.

Nonetheless, your Android phone will keep notifying you of each and every open Wi-Fi network you come across. It tends to get annoying, never mind you’re not looking forward to connecting to one.

Well, the open Wi-Fi notification is just Google’s way of making things super user-friendly, but if you’d rather take a pass. Here is how to turn off these notifications.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the Settings icon. Now, where the settings icon will be located depends on the version of the phone you’re using and the Android version. But all in all, these settings will be under the Wi-Fi settings. In this case, I am using the Huawei wi-fi

After opening Settings under Wi-Fi, you will see Network notification. Toggle the switch to off, and by that, you will stop any further ‘Open Wi-Fi’ notifications.

open wi-fi

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