How to Disable Touch ID in iPhone (iOS 11)

A lot of users don’t really like the Touch ID feature of the new iOS 11. There have been reports that at several airports, you are forced to unlock your phone using your fingerprint if you have the touch ID enabled. Some reports also suggest that thieves force people to put their fingers on the touch id system and unlock the iPhones before stealing it so that they could change the credentials afterwards. Therefore, thousands of users are now disabling touch ID. For whatever reason, if you want to disable touch ID on iOS 11, follow the steps below.

Disable Touch ID in iPhone in iOS 11

Before the latest updates of iOS 11, there was only one, weird way to disable Touch ID. Users used to intentionally fail the attempts to force the device to turn back to passcode. But using new updates you can turn off touch Id in iPhone without even unlocking your phone with touch id.

 The updates also allow you to access certain digital services in case of emergency without opening the phone.

Press the sleep/wake power button for five times. Make sure that you press the button quickly.

After pressing the buttons, you will get two options: make an emergency call of power off your phone. Whatever option you choose, the touch ID is now disabled.

If you want to enable the touch Id on iPhone in iOS 11 again, you will have to enter your passcode again.

This is how to disable touch ID on iOS 11. In case of any question or feedback, leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.

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