How to Disable Demo Mode: Get Out of Demo Mode in Samsung, Acer Devices

Demo mode is bugging a lot of users, mainly of Samsung and Acer devices. Demo mode usually starts randomly. Users report that big red words “DEMO” keep appearing on every screen. In this article we will tell you several ways to disable and turn off demo mode.

How to Disable Demo Mode: 7 Ways

1- A lot of users were able to turn off and disable DEMO mode in Acer and Samsung devices by updating and totally upgrading their firmware.

2- Some third party apps are also known to trigger demo mode in Samsung and Acer devices. For example, several users were able to turn off demo mode by deleting an app called “Booster”. If you want to make sure that no app is creating problems in your case, try running your phone in Safe Mode. If there is no demo mode in safe mode, this means some third party app is causing the problem.

3- If your device has gone to the demo mode, lookout for the “Daydream” mode in your phone. The demo mode is mostly the result of Android Daydream. This is the default feature of Android. It is just like a screen saver. Mostly, Daydream mode is in Settings->Display.

4- Go to Settings and head over to Security and then Program Administrators. You should see Demo Mode here. If it is checked, make sure to uncheck it.

5- Several phones and wireless carriers have their own Demo modes. For example, Verizon phones have demo modes, which put the phone in demo in case of inactivity. Scour your phone and lookout for any app that says Demo. Delete any app which has any relation to demo. This way you will be able to get out of the demo mode in Samsung, Acer and other Android devices.

6- If you are not able to turn off or disable demo mode by applying the above-mentioned options, I’d suggest doing a factory reset. But make sure you backup all the data before doing a factory reset because a reset deletes all the data.

7- This method works for many Acer and Samsung devices.

Go to Settings and head over to Storage and then go to Apps. You will see a demo video option. Disable it.

These were some ways using which you can disable demo mode in Samsung and Acer devices. In case nothing works, tell us in the comments we will be back with some other solutions.

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