How to Disable, Turn Off Auto Lock Feature in iPhone: Auto Lock Option Greyed out

Auto lock is a useful option in iPhone. The feature locks your phone automatically when you don’t use it. But sometimes auto lock feature in iPhone becomes a nuisance, especially because it locks the iPhone after 30 seconds of inactivity. Now 30 seconds of inactivity mean that you can’t take short breaks during texting of video bingeing. Auto lock feature is not for me because I want my iPhone to remain on while I good around and do my other tasks. I don’t want to enter my passcode again and again to unlock my iPhone. To make things worse, some users report that auto lock feature locks their iPhone after 30 seconds and they cannot disable it because the auto lock feature is greyed out when they go to Settings to get rid of it.

Disable, Turn Off Auto Lock Feature in iPhone

Why Is the Option Greyed Out?

Head over to Settings in iPhone and then go to Battery. You will see an option “Low Power Mode” here. Make sure to disable this low power mode. Why? Because if low power mode is enabled, it will grey out the option which lets you disable and turn off auto lock in iPhone.

Now, in order to turn off auto lock in iPhone, go to Settings in your iPhone and head over to Display and Brightness. Here, you will see an option named Auto Lock. Set this option to “Never”. This will disable the auto lock feature once and for all.


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