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Discover Your Beauty. Your Talents. Your #BlackGirlMagic

by Maya Johnson
#BlackGirlMagic is something girls find in themselves as the grow and discover their beauty and unique blackmagictalents. Only through personal growth, education and love will a young black woman find herself and gain the strength to overcome anything. Fight for your future and push away those who say you can’t do something. Everyone has talents that can be used for the greater good.
What People Are Tweeting:
 I really love what I do. #Blackgirlmagic baby

— TheLavishGroup (@breanna_lvshgrp) May 18, 2016


Yall so damn pretty it’s ridiculous. #BlackGirlMagic

— UScreated BonB crime (@NolanHack) May 18, 2016


Black girls really are lit. I love seeing black girls with moisturized natural hair and pretty chocolate skin. ???? #BlackGirlMagic

— Alayjah Canty (@alayjah_loves) May 18, 2016

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