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Display Glass Screens Will Secure Your Phones in Future

by Fahad Saleem

Display Glass Screens Will Secure Your Phones in Future

It is amazing to imagine the possibilities of putting small active sensors in the display screen of smartphones. Presently the smartphone screen glass has very few functions other than transmitting the touch input and protecting the inside screen. The glass itself has been improved and now most of the touch screen phones have gorilla glass. It is scratch resistant and very powerful.

The researchers at Polytechnique Montreal are looking into new ways of utilizing this glass and they have come up with great ideas. They have developed some kind of sensors which can be placed underneath the gorilla glass. These sensors are optical waveguides etched into the display, and these waveguides can detect the changes in light. With this, all the wiring required for dedicated sensors is no more required.

These sensors can be etched into the glass in unique patterns and the phone will be able to identify itself using these unique patterns. This can make cloning a device much more difficult and phone manufacturers can secure their product and copyrights easily. Moreover these sensors are able to detect the device temperature exploiting only the change in light property. Since waveguides can let photons pass through them, they are transparent and under the glass, they are virtually invisible to the human eye. Aside from using these waveguides for security, they can be stacked in layers to create transparent electronic objects.

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Unfortunately, such a great technology is not yet officially ready to go into the market right now. This technology is not going to be embedded in the gorilla glass in the near future, but the research is still going on. The inventors of these light sensors are fully inclined to get this product ready for the market and be put in the phones that common people are using. This technology may be ready to be in the market within a year. The inventors are seeking companies and manufacturers who are willing to put this technology in their phones. We will be using smart screens along with already smart phones then.

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