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Inclusion Factors: An Initiative by BiTHouse

by Felix Omondi

Inclusion Factors: An Initiative by BiTHouse
BitHouseSXSW partcipants, get ready! From March 3rd through March 5th, 2014, BiTHouse in partnership with Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) is bringing the “Inclusion Factors” panel discussion and pitch events.

BiTHouse’s Soul + Tech Connect “Inclusion Factors” Initiative “Bridges the Gap” that exists between diversity, business and technology; this workshop event for the youths and entrepreneurs will take place during this year’s SXSWedu. It will have various business pitch competitions and interactive panel discussions. This collaboration between BiTHouse and ESB-MACC is meant to optimize both of the organization’s capacity to “Bride the Gap” of technology in the communities around them. The following are some of the comments about this event, from some of the panelist and participants  invited to this one of a kind Three Day Community Tech-Workshop.

  • Tiffany Moreno, Culture and Arts Coordinator for ESB-MACC says, “The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center is a tremendous resource for the community and by collaborating with BiTHouse, we are able to connect with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend technology programs or visit our center.”
  • Thomas Fickert, CEO and Founder of the DEXPERIO Group was quoted saying, “The opportunities around the emerging Internet of Everything (IoE) are huge. Many technologies like Google Glass are totally new and create equal opportunities for everybody which get’s early hands on and training to develop new experiences and solutions for the future. The DEXPERIO Group is pioneering development of Glassware since the availability of Google Glass. We are happy to support BiTHouse’s Inclusion Factor’s Initiative by sharing our early-adopter know how and expertise.”
  • David Chen, the CEO of who will also be in attendance had the following to say about this event, “Diversity is the key to creativity, and the tech world definitely needs more minorities, women and teenagers. With today’s Internet, everyone can be tech savvy with some quick training and guidance. That’s why we’re a big supporter of the mission of “Inclusion Factors””.
  • Jason Rosado, the Founder and CEO of Givkwik Inc had the following to say about the upcoming event, “Givkwik is thrilled to partner with BiTHouse for its Soul + Tech Connect “Inclusion Factors” series of events especially because our missions are so closely aligned. BiTHouse strives to create a more inclusive community of entrepreneurs and technologists and Givkwik seeks to make it easy to get anyone involved in philanthropy and social good. Our technology services can help traditional businesses find their social purpose by empowering their employees and customers to lead the way. I am also looking forward to sharing my own story as an Entrepreneur and Founder from growing up in a working class, under-represented community in New York City to the White House in DC, onto to 13 years on Wall Street, to various countries in Latin America including Brazil and Argentina and now, working on my startup venture in Silicon Valley”.

According to Wilhelmina Jewell Strong- Sparks (CEO and Founder of BiTHouse), the “Inclusion Factors” is the 2014 theme for BiTHouse. The purpose of BiTHouse is to provide a safe space for minorities to share their concepts, and aid with “Bridging the Gap” between entrepreneurs, technology professionals and access to networks needed to make dreams become reality. BitHouse’s crowd-funding platform will enable projects conceptualized and created by minority professionals to be funded and promoted by the utilization of social network marketing and brand alliances. To register for this wonderful event, simply click on SXSW.

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