District CoWork: A Hub for Innovation in New York aligns co-Working, co-Dining, co-Selling… co-Everything

District CoWork: A Hub for Innovation in New York aligns co-Working, co-Dining, co-Selling... co-Everything

A posh space designed for innovation is quickly becoming the catch-all for thought leaders, with designer offices and exclusive social events in its prominent flagship location of more than 50,000 square feet.

District CoWork, located in the bustling Flatiron district on Broadway, has raised funding from prominent investors to become the only coworking center that also features shared spaces for burgeoning chefs in the food market and up-and-coming products and technologies in the innovation store to serve Manhattanites and beyond. District will also be launching New York’s first Innovators Only rooftop lounge designed to foster relationships among thought leaders, creatives and influencers across industries.

Hospitality and commercial real estate are converging. People crave a space where they can work, socialize, and learn. District serves this innovative work culture,” said Neelam Brar, District’s co-founder and CEO. “I was inspired by the name ‘District’ because technology has effectively enabled several types of businesses the ability to work side by side. From fashion to finance, we cover all of Manhattan’s districts.”

With further plans to develop a co-living space and full concierge service for New York’s innovators, District soon will have all the necessary amenities to support the busy professional lifestyle.

From dinners to brunches, private movie screenings to CEO talks, we offer members a great atmosphere in addition to ergonomically designed and well lit work spaces. It’s not uncommon for somebody to walk in and comment on how hospitable this is,” Brar said of the current space. “Three people have done that today.”

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