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Why you should ditch your Facebook Messenger for Messenger Lite

by Milicent Atieno
messenger lite

Facebook is great; it lets you connect with families, friends, enemies, brands, news outlets, educational and informative platforms all from one place. Little wonder why 1.2 billion people on the platform are on Facebook.

However, in recent times, it appears like Mark Zuckerberg and team are getting either a little carried away or a bit too aggressive on pushing out new features to keep you glued to Facebook.

You only need to look at how bloated the platform has become over the years. But before we get into that, remember how Facebook arm twisted users to add to download multiple apps. Facebook had inbox within the main app, then they decided to inbox becomes a different standalone app from Facebook called Messenger.

From there both Facebook (app) and Messenger (inbox) continued bloating up. Now on Messenger, you get stories, SMS functions, play mobile games. The same can be said about the Facebook app.

Nonetheless, there is still hope. Both the Facebook app and Messenger have a lighter version of either. Ones that are light, less bloated, and easier on your pocket; the bloated the app is the more mobile data it consumes and more resource-rich (read expensive) the mobile device they demand.

Facebook originally intended the Facebook and Messenger lite for developing world, where the majority of people use entry-level smartphones, and the internet cost is high for most people. The lighter app versions have now been availed to the developed countries; users in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the U.K. among others.

These lighter versions of Facebook app and Messenger will go a long way for users living in areas with a low-bandwidth internet connection and with devices that are not powerful enough.

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