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Documents Stolen From Microsoft During Employee Email Hack

by Fahad Saleem

Documents Stolen From Microsoft During Employee Email Hack

When you hear news about something being stolen from Microsoft; it’s likely to raise some eyebrows. Microsoft, being one of the top and most secure companies in the world, had some documents associated with law enforcement inquiries stolen. How? Because of recent attacks on the email accounts of their employees. Now who is behind such an act? Who would dare steal information from Microsoft? The Syrian Electronic Army has started a sort of mission to compromise social media and email accounts of Microsoft. Microsoft had previously admitted to having a “small number” of employee email accounts hacked by the company but issued a further statement the other day.

Microsoft stated that while their investigation is in the process, certain employee accounts were compromised, and the information in those accounts could be disclosed. This could be serious because who knows what kind of information is in those accounts? They stated that documents relating to law enforcement inquiries may be the main part of what may have been breached. But if customer information has been compromised, Microsoft vows to take appropriate action.

Microsoft is taking action in order to prevent any further leaks of employee documents and emails. The company who hacked these emails, The Syrian Electronic Army, has yet to post any documents publicly. The warning issued from Microsoft comes just a few days after the company’s Office blog was hacked. It’s Twitter and official blog news account were also hacked earlier this month, along with the official Xbox support Twitter account. The Syrian Electronic Army was also successful in controlling the Twitter account and official Skype blog on January 1st.

What does this latest security breach mean? Microsoft was known for it’s strong and tight security measures, but lately there have been too many hacks. No critical or important data has been leaked as of yet, but if Microsoft doesn’t tighten up it’s security, there might end up being a major breach soon. The personal details of employees, customers and others might be at risk. The Syrian Electronic Army does not seem to be giving up, and who knows, they might be at the cusp of something big. Microsoft needs to look into this matter a lot more seriously and take “appropriate action” before personal information of the public is compromised.


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