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Does CBD Oil Flavor Affect Its Benefits?


The wealth of CBD products on the market means there’s something for everyone. It’s no secret that natural CBD oil has an acquired taste, which can mean that it’s not for everyone. It can become a chore to take CBD every day when the taste is so off-putting.

Fortunately, brands responded to this complaint with flavored CBD tinctures. But does the flavor affect the outcome of CBD oil?

Let’s find out.

What Flavors Does CBD Oil Come in?

CBD brands tend to favor fruity flavors. Citrus fruits like lemon and lime are popular options, alongside berries, mango, and more. Other sweet options away from the fruit family include chocolate, mint, and toffee.

The possibilities are quite literally endless, which is excellent news for CBD lovers who are fans of experimentation.

It’s essential to double-check the ingredients, though. Fruity flavors are often produced using all-natural flavoring agents. Other taste profiles might involve artificial ingredients at worst, but at the very least, they will likely contain lots of sugar.

Health-focused individuals usually want to avoid consuming too much sugar. While the amount in a few drops of CBD oil is unlikely to make a huge difference to one’s diet, it’s still something to be aware of.

Does the Flavor Affect the Benefits?

The answer to this question depends on the flavoring agents used. When considering flavored CBD oil, most people assume it’s the kind mentioned above – fruity, sweet concoctions designed to tantalize the palate.

However, some manufacturers flavor their CBD tinctures using natural compounds from hemp plants. For example, the natural tincture from Premium Jane ( contains a wealth of hemp-derived terpenes, which create a unique and natural flavor profile.

There are hundreds of different terpenes, and each one could have unique impacts on the human body. Limonene, for example, could be energizing, while pinene is thought to have benefits for the respiratory system.

Potential therapeutic uses of terpenes are boundless, and lots of exciting research is underway. With the number of terpenes in hemp and a variety of different concentrations in each strain, it’s impossible to say precisely how a particular CBD oil will affect you.

That said, it appears that naturally flavored oils could have slightly different benefits based on the terpene content. Try to check the lab reports to find out what terpenes are included in your CBD tincture.

Brands like Premium Jane use the same base oil for their products, so regardless of the added flavorings in their range, the effects will be broadly similar.

What About Other Flavors?

In general, the flavoring agents in a given CBD oil will not change their effects much.

There are many other factors that will have more of an impact, including:

  • Your general response to CBD, which can be affected by things like age, body weight, and metabolism
  • The amount of CBD per dose
  • The consistency with which you take CBD

If you really enjoy the flavor of the oil you are using, though, it can help you to develop a consistent routine with the product. In turn, this might lead to more noticeable benefits.

Should You Choose Flavored or Unflavored CBD Oil?

In the complex world of CBD, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a product. Something different works for everyone, so it’s vital to find out what works for you.

Some people prefer an all-natural, unflavored product. Tasting the raw terpenes can make you feel like you’re doing right by your body.

On the other hand, some people cannot stomach raw CBD oil. Flavored CBD oils are fantastic for providing an alternative, helping to make CBD tinctures something to look forward to.

Another benefit of flavored CBD oil is that it can be great for cooking. Citrusy options go great in smoothies, while a tasty mint CBD oil can transform a cup of hot cocoa.

Final Thoughts

In general, a CBD oil’s flavor does not affect its benefits. You can reap the same benefits from natural options and their flavored counterparts. Some of the effects might change very marginally depending on the terpenes used in the oil, but it’s not thought to be a huge difference.

Sweet-tasting CBD oils come in all sorts of tastes, and they are the perfect fit for some people; for others, a natural CBD oil is right. For newcomers to the CBD world, it’s about finding the right product for you.

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