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Does Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Run Slow and Freezes? Guide On How To Speed Things Up

by Felix Omondi
Does Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Run Slow and Freezes? Guide On How To Speed Things Up

Does Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Run Slow and Freezes? Guide On How To Speed Things Up

Samsung lattes flagships smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are currently marking their territories and dominance across the globe. These smartphone are simply spectacular, but as spectacular as they may be. There those of us who were dazzled by the Galaxy Note 3 and have vowed never to change ship.

One thing that still makes the Galaxy Note 3 dazzling is the display screen size. But over the months, and with constants upgrades on the various installed app, some users are reporting their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 taking a beating when it comes to speed benchmarking. For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners, with a slow performing and occasionally freezing smartphone, the following tricks will help you restore the phone to its former speed glory.

Changing the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Interface

Samsung has the habit of putting their own apps running on top of the stock Android system when it comes from the box. Although these apps are designed to make your life easier, sometimes these apps develop into a problem for your device.

In Samsung Galaxy Note 3, many users report that S Voice feature caused the device to freeze occasionally. A user activates this feature by double tapping on the home button, and then the phone pauses for a couple of seconds before responding to any other tap on the home key.

You can disable the S Voice feature by double tapping the home key, wait for the feature to open up, navigate to ‘Options > Settings’. Under general Settings, uncheck the ‘Open via Home key’ option and close the app.

You can also do away with the UI animations – they may be appealing to the eye – that eat up your phone resources to run, but have not practical use other than adorableness purposes. To learn more on how to speed up your Android smartphone/table by disabling animations, click here.

How to Speed Up Downloads

If you are on a good network, the Galaxy Note 3 should give you one of the fastest download speeds a mobile device can have. But if your device particularly seems to be too slow and you are sure it is not a network issue. You can boost download speeds by going to ‘Settings > Connections and tap the ‘Download Booster’ on.

Galaxy Note 3 Samsung TouchWiz UI

This may not be unanimous, but a lot of users complain that the Samsung TouchWiz UI adds to the device performing sluggishly. If you are one such user, you can download and install alternative custom launchers such are the Google Now Launcher or the Nova Launcher. They will make things not only feel different, but also improve on the phone’s sluggishness.

Miscellaneous tweaks to speed up Galaxy Note 3

If after performing all the above, the performance is still not as good for you. You can try other tweaks that including killing any unused apps running in the background and update all apps to their current versions. Sometimes the problem could be caused by a particular app, in such a case you are advised to check the app from the System menu and clear it cache. You can also uninstall the app, reboot your device then install it afresh.

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