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If You Don’t Know These Programming Languages, Chances of Getting a Good Job are Less

by Fahad Saleem

According to a survey done by job market analytics firm Burning Glass, over half of the high income ($57,000 or more per year) jobs posted in the US require applicants to have at least basic knowledge of programming languages, especially SQL, Python, JavaScript and C#. The survey incorporated over 26 million jobs posted in the US. The enormity of the data set proves that the results are almost accurate. And it is now a fact that having basic knowledge of tech and programming is absolutely necessary if you want a high-paying job. Why? Because almost every workplace in the world is going through the tech transformation.

The survey was done in collaboration with Oracle Academy, which is a part of Oracle company. VP of Oracle Academy Alison Derbenwick Miller says that programming and knowledge of tech are not limited to tech jobs. Every company is using computers. Programming are a set of instructions told to computers about what to do.

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But if you don’t know how to code, there are some good news for you. First, you can always learn how to code for free. There are free programming courses on websites like Khan Academy, Code Academy and EDX where you can take courses on programming. Secondly, there are many high paying jobs which don’t require coding skills. These jobs include Product Management, Consultancy and Contractor.

But learning a new skill is always good and useful for the future. You can learn a new programming language in around a month, and with practice and test projects, you can get a strong hold on the skill.


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