Don’t Panic! Instagram Is Not Changing The Chronologically Ordered News Feed Yet

The Internet has been filled with news about upcoming changes in Instagram that will reshape how users get their news feed. These changes will definitely disrupt ‘Business as Usual’ on the Instagram platform especially to marketers who are increasingly growing fond of the platform; as it is one social network where brands get many engagements.

Instagram changes where news feeds will no longer flow in chronological order has sent many users especially brands begging

followers to turn on notifications for their posts. One would be right to say that the Internet has flung into a panic mode as users on the social network prepare themselves for algorithm-based approach by Instagram’s news feed.

Instagram took to Twitter to calm down the tension a bit; not by removing people’s fears but telling them, the chronologically ordered news feed are not being thrown out just yet. Users have a bit of time before the algorithm-based feeds start flowing out on the social network.″ target=”_blank

Instagram says the changes will come into effect in the “coming months.” Though there are a few users, who have already been privy to the new algorithm-based feeds on their timelines. The social network says these are just dry runs they are conducting to see how effective the algorithm-based feeds will work out.

Nonetheless, Instagram has come out to calm people’s nerves a bit by the following tweet.

So if you have been freaking out about how the Instagram changes will affect your brand marketing on the platform, you have few months to work on building a strong relationship with your followers. That way when the algorithm’s handiwork takes effect, your posts will be considered one of those ‘likely ones that users would want to view’ and get featured often and highly on users’ news feed.

To make business better for brands, Instagram has a new Facebook page (Instagram for Business) dedicated to giving businesses pro tips on how to run effective campaigns on the social network.

The page reads, “Instagram for Business provides the latest news, best practices and success stories to help your business grow on Instagram. This page is run and monitored by Instagram and is intended to serve as a resource for businesses who use Instagram.”

Milicent Atieno

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