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Dope iPhone 7 Cases by totallee giving your iPhone protection in a slim, sleek Case

The jet black iPhone 7 looks awesome, doesn’t it? But it is a fingerprint and scratch magnet. I bet it loses its awesome look to an old scratched-up black aluminum-looking iPhone within a week of its purchase. You don’t want that; nobody wants that!

So soon after purchasing the jet black iPhone 7, you’ll almost instantly buy a case to prevent it from getting scratches. But then you will be walking around not showing off the beauty that is the iPhone 7 in jet black; with regards to design, and color. That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Especially if you bought for ostentatious displays of your new iPhone 7; the logo, color, and design must be seen to achieve that, doesn’t it? Most available cases will hide all that, and instead, you will be showing the case’ own color, logo, and design. Who will know you got the iPhone 7?

The solutions come in buying the right kind of iPhone 7 cases; ones that will do the design,

color, and logo justice. Otherwise, you’re just walking around with a case that can make and receive calls. No, you want the iPhone 7 to represent you, the case is just a necessary inconvenience to protect the phone. Here is where totallee comes to your rescue.

totallee iPhone 7 cases

totallee is a startup based outside South Pasadena, California making ultra-thin iPhone cases that not only protects your phone, but do so in style. It has been in operations since

2013 giving customers smartphone cases that are not bulky and overpriced and are funky to be seen around with.

The Spy and Scarf iPhone cases

For those of you that wanna show off the iPhone 7 logo, design, and color (the jet-black color), without getting it scratched. totallee gives you the Spy and the Scarf variant of the iPhone 7 cases.

They are transparent (your taste in color will be seen), light in weight, provides protection, and gives you a good grip on your iPhone. No accidental slip and falls that can damage your phone. You wanna leave your phone on your desk without getting worried it will get scratches from the desk. Being too careful with it you’ll come off as paranoid with scratching your iPhone; a social disorder condition.

Those of you who are not so much after ostentatious displaying of your iPhone 7, but want a super protective against scratches and drops. totallee gives you the Doberman.

More information about the totallee iPhone 7 cases can be found at their website here.

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