Double your battery life in iOS 7 using BattSaver

Since the introduction of the smartphone, we have literally experienced an outburst of apps, software, hardware and technological ease. Virtually all domain of our lives is affected in way or the other by a smartphone in terms of its application from both the hardware and the software perspective. But with all this incredible application for the smartphones we have come to have, there is emerging a big lax. The more processing powers as smartphones get better CPU properties we end up running low when it comes to battery power to back up this incredibly awesome processing power of the devices. This has lead to many manufacturers working around this limitation, coming up with various limitation and tweaks to improve on this. For instance, recently Apple introduced the Haswell processor for its iPhones thus increasing the power back up time immensely. This is definitely a major breakthrough that Apple have achieved, but still there is room for improvement. Still there are a lot of users still looking for tweaks that will boost their battery pack time on their devices running the iOS7. This is especially so because this latest iOS comes with a great arsenal of full features which drain out battery power quite fast.

To address this endless search for tweaks to improve on battery backup time, Innov8tiv has gone through a plethora of App stores, 3rd party software and Cydia tweaks and have identified the BattSaver App for iOS7 to best address this situation. It goes without mentioning that users will have to jailbreak the device in order to used it, but lets face it. These are the benefits of jail breaking.

BattSaver apps works more or less like a constant watchdog in your phone’s background, it will alert you minutes before you battery power reaches a certain threshold of depletion. It alerts you about any unused processes and even kills some of the battery draining hog apps as well as efficiently managing the phone’s memory in order to save up on battery power. The previous versions of the BattSaver app for the iOS5 and iOS6 were more than enough to raise this app to the level of being declared the best battery saving tweak in the market. But with the launch of the latest iOS7, the BattSaver still has proved to be the best in filling the loopholes in unnecessary power draining. You can view the graphic depiction of battery usage over the day to calculate and weigh the battery timing of device and improve your usage accordingly.

Such cool tweak does want some pocket lax. BattSaver asks only a $3.99 and now available at the BigBoss repo.


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