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How to Downgrade macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan

by Fahad Saleem

macOS Sierra is the Apple’s latest operating system for its MacBooks, iMacs and all other products of its PC and laptop product line. Sierra is one of the most advanced operating systems Apple has ever launched. However, the full OS is scheduled to be launched this fall. If you had installed macOS Sierra’s initial version and now want to just go back to OS X El Capitan, there is an easy way to do that. While macOS Sierra is technologically advanced and full of features as compared to El Capitan, it is still in the earlier versions, and remains unstable. Apple released its beta version for the developers to try it out. Here’s how to downgrade macOS Sierra to El Capitan.

 Downgrade macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan

You must make sure to have a backed up version of your files and folders, just in case. You can use the Time Machine backup in Mac to have a completed backup of your data.

Click on the Apple icon from the top left corner of the screen and then restart.

 Press and hold Command+R button as the Mac restart process initiates.

Now go to the OS X utilities and click on “Disk Utility” and then click on “Continue”.

 Now click on Startup Disk and then click on Erase.

Now type in any name of the disk you would like to give and select Mac OS Extended from the Format list. Click on Erase.

The above steps were to delete and uninstall macOS Sierra. The next step, as you can expect, it to install OS X El Capitan. Let’s see how to do that.

Click on Reinstall OS X from the OS X Utilities menu.

Now click on Continue on the OS X El Capitan Installer.

Just follow the on screen instructions. You will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions.

That’s it. Now you just have to restore the data from the Time Machine backup. For that, restart your Mac and press and hold Command+R during the reboot process. Go to Utilities menu-> time machine backup and then click on Restore backup option. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

This is how to downgrade macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan. In case you face any problem, ask questions in the comments below.

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