Download and Play Goat Simulator in iPhone for Free Right Now

Goat Simulator, one of the most famous iOS games, costs around $5 if you want it on your iPhone or iPad. But recently, IGN partnered with the Goat Simulator developer to launch an offer which allows you to download Goat Simulator for free. Yes! You can play Goat Simulator for free in your iPhone. If you don’t know what Goat Simulator is, it’s a great addictive game in which you have to control a clueless goat around its farm and in the city. You can check the game for yourself after installing. Let’s get directly to the process of downloading Goat Simulator for free in your iPhone.

Get Goat Simulator for Free in your iPhone

You can download the promo of Goat Simulator free right now, but you will need to have a US based iTunes account. This is really important. You can easily make a US based iTunes account by logging out from your current non-US iTunes account and then going to iTunes store tab in your iTunes and select the US flag from the bottom right corner.

After selecting the US flag, do not make a new account. Instead, download any free app, when you click the download option, you will be asked to sign up or sign in. Use the sign up option to make a new Apple ID. Use a new Email ID and just follow the on-screen instructions.

Now launch Safari in your iPhone and open the IGN promo page. Here’s the URL for that

Tap the red button saying “Get Free Game”.

You will now see a pop-up showing you the Promo code, tap the code and you will be allowed to download Goat Simulator game.

If the above step doesn’t work for you, just go to App Store Redeem section and enter the Promo code from IGN there.

If you unable to access all this because of non-US location, you can use a VPN and set the proxy of US or UK to download Goat Simulator for free.

You can play Goat Simulator free in iPhone using the above method. IGN says that this offer is on first-come-first-get basis. So you should grab the promo code and download the game in order to play Goat Simulator for free in your iPhone.

In case of any confusion, feel free to ask.


Images: RedmondPie

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