Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC: Full Cracked Version

Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC: Full Cracked Version

Angry Birds Seasons is a special version of the highly addictive Angry Birds game that captured your attention for a long time. The Angry Birds Seasons takes the angry fowl through a huge range of celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Moon Festival, St. Patrick ’s Day, and other great moments. You can download angry birds seasons for PC full cracked for free from the link provided at the end of the article.

Angry Birds Seasons takes the puzzle game’s experience to elevated level with huge level variety, fun new seasons, and hilarious new orange bird. The special episodes provide more challenging levels of pig=popping action and for discovering golden eggs. You will enjoy loads of funny levels with topsy-turvy gameplay. The highly popular game is divided into 3 seasons that contain more than 16 levels. The new levels are added in each holiday.

In Angry Birds Seasons, you will be able to achieve the levels of the themed episode by using bird-slinger. The episodes are enjoyable and exciting. The Ravio app keeps getting updated with holidays as discussed above. You will praise the funny-themed levels with never-ending enjoyment. You need to be highly accurate while using the bird slinger because of the involved trajectory. Themed levels include new items such as Mighty Dragon, which replaces the Mighty Eagle of the episode “Year of the Dragon” and functions almost the same as the Mighty Eagle.

In one the upgrades of this popular online game, Rovio incorporated the possibility of continuing your game on different devices, so you don’t really need to start from scratch. It will save your records when you play online or on your smartphone.

Once the game is installed on your system, you will be able to either begin with 2011 or move to 2012 set of levels. All levels are quite challenging, addictive, and enjoyable.

In short, Angry Birds Seasons keep the spirit of the original game in a wonderful manner by offering a complete package of fun and entertainment. If you are looking for a game that is challenging, quirky, and additive, Angry Birds Seasons should be the choice for you.

Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC Full Version


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