Download Game APK Files for Free – Android and iOS

Download Game APK Files for Free – Android and iOS

The beauty of a smartphone is that it is a complete PC in itself with a mobile operating system and other necessary peripherals. With the growing rage of smartphones, the gaming traditions have changed dramatically. Now, you will find literally everyone shifted to his mobile phones for car racing, fighting, or enjoying fever of Angry Birds. These games are available in the form of apps (apk files for Andorid or ipa files for iOS) for mobile platforms. You need to download apk or ipa apps for games to your mobile and install it on its operating system. It is quite easy to download app file for free if you find the right websites for this purpose.

Download Android Games APK


It is the ultimate forum for android games on your smartphones. The site provides games in a vast range of categories that you will be drowned in the pool of games while finding your choice. You will certainly find this site amazing for finding latest gaming sensations.

APK Files for Android

This is another useful place that provides apk games free download options. You can choose your desired game from the list of total 934 apk files uploaded here. The user ratings are also available for games, indicating the popularity of games among the users.

This is yet another good place to find Android games sorted by various categories such as arcade, gambling, action, etc. You may choose the model of your smartphone or tablet, and the website will find the most appropriate game files for you.

Download iPhone Games IPA Files

Miniclip Games for iPhones

Enjoy a huge range of Miniclip games on your iPhone for free. You may even play games online here.

EA Games on iPhone

You may try the gaming giant EA Sports on your iPhone. Test your skills with FIFA 2014 or some lighter games. This site provides graphics-intense games for enthusiasts.


This is a useful place to find iPhone games for free. The games are sorted by various categories as expected. The collection of games is quite vast. You will certainly find this place quite convenient for playing iPhone games.

There are many other forums that offer games for all operating systems. You may try the ones mentioned in this article. It is hoped that the provided links will serve your purpose quite well.



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