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How to Download and Install Cydia on iPhone 5S – Guide

by Fahad Saleem
download and install cydia on iphone

 How to Download and Install Cydia on iPhone 5S – Guide

iPhone 5S users would be quite impatient to try their hands on third party applications. However, Apple has provided restricted access to apps, and somehow the users  will have to break the chains. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you can install third party apps using Cydia store. You may even get many apps for free that are costly on Apple store.

This guide will provide you complete details about how to download Cydia on iPhone 5S. First, you need to jailbreak your device. Your device must be available for installing third party applications. Then you can download Cydia on iPhone 5S.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 5S

In order to jailbreak your iPhone running iOS7 or higher, you need to download this tool first. Now unzip this jailbreak tool on your PC. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to iTunes. Make a backup of any important data on your phone like pictures, contacts, and messages Now start the jailbreak tool on your PC and click on the Jailbreak button. When your iPhone reboots in approximately five minutes, you will see evasiOn tool. Click on this icon on your mobile to continue the jailbreak process.

When this process is complete, your mobile will boot again. Now you are ready to install Cydia for enjoying a huge collection of free Apple apps and other third party apps.

Free Cydia Download for iPhone 5S

The Cydia for iPhone 5S can be downloaded from this link for free. Install it and you will be able to download apps from there.

You have to allow Cydia to initialize the repositories that may take only a few seconds, but it needs to be done for the first time. Just tap on the Cydia icon on your home screen that takes you to “Who are you” window.

download and install cydia on iphone

You need to set your interaction type as user by tapping on the option of User, and then hit “Done”. The other options are Hacker and Developer. These options will give you more tools, but it is highly recommended that you don’t jump into this business unless you are completely aware of it.

download and install cydia on iphone 3

Cydia will check for the updates in its programming as well as database. You can easily see the progress at the top where it appears “Downloading Packages”. You must wait until the database index has downloaded.

download and install cydia on iphone

Cydia will provide you with the options to “Upgrade Essential”, “Complete Upgrade”, or “Ignore”. You need to select “Complete upgrade” option unless you may face some problems while running Cydia on your iPhone 5S.

You are done installing Cydia on your iPhone 5S for free, and it is ready for exploration now.

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