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How to Download and Install iOS 8 Beta 5

by Fahad Saleem

How to Download and Install iOS 8 Beta 5

WWDC 2014 was the first time Apple introduced iOS 8 to the public and now links to download iOS 8 for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and 4S are available on Apple’s Dev Center. In addition to these devices, it is also available for iPad 2 and over and for iPod touch 5G. iOS 8 beta has been a topic of discussion since then because it is bringing tons of new features for supported devices.

How to jailbreak iOS 8 is the natural second most discussed topic of interest and this tutorial will guide you how to download iOS 8 and install it on your device. iOS 8 updates include beta versions up to 5, iOS 8 beta 5 being the latest in the list. Follow these easy steps and visual tutorial for iOS 8 download and install.

Compatible Devices:

Unfortunately iOS 8 beta is not compatible with iPhone 4. Compatible devices include iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iPad mini 1, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5.

Create Backup:

Before you begin with the process to download iOS 8 and get started with installation, create a backup of your device either via iTunes or iCloud. Our experience has been better with iCloud and it is more reliable for a good backup option.

Get Started:

To get a feel of iPhone 6 and iOS 8 on your device, here is the step by step tutorial. Follow all the steps carefully for successful installation. Be very careful about every detail because failure to follow instructions might damage your device.

Sign up at iOS Dev Center:

download and install ios 8 beta 2

Click here to sign up with Apple’s Dev Center for $99/year. You will have to bear this price if your want to test Apple software before anyone else does. This will not prove to be a high price if you are a fan of new updates and testing things because with this, you get to do that free.

Sign In to iOS Dev Center:

download and install ios 8 beta 3

Click here to sign in to your iOS Dev Center using your Apple ID.

Find UDID of Your iOS Device:

Plugin your device into iTunes, select iTunes and then click on the serial number to show device info. There you will find UDID of your device. Copy and paste that in a notepad file for later use. This will be used to register with Dev Center.

Register UDID of Your device:

download and install ios 8 beta 4

Click here to register the UDID of the device you want to install iOS 8 updates on. This will take you to the developer portal for next step.

Download iOS 8 beta 5

download and install ios 8 beta 5

For iOS 8 jailbreak, download latest version of iOS 8 beta first from developer’s portal for your device. Once you have successfully downloaded the required firmware for your device you can proceed to next step.

Extract and install:

Extract the .zip file using any standard program for that. You will get .IPSW file after extraction. Once you have extracted .IPSW file, open iTunes and connect your device. In case you are using an older version of iTunes, download and install latest version of iTunes first.

Installation on Device:

After connecting your device, press and hold Alt key if you are on a Mac, or press and hold shift key if you are using Windows. Click Restore iPhone. That will take you to select .IPSW file you extracted in the previous step. Select it and wait for iTunes to install it. Installation will take a few minutes.

Once the installation is complete, restart your phone and you are good to go with latest iOS 8 beta 5. Read more on how to jailbreak iOS 8 to get maximum benefit out of it.

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