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Download MSPY free trial version for online safety of kids


Parents provide smartphones to their kids so that they have access to the internet for educational purposes. We know that the internet consists of several sites that are either illegal or inappropriate for kids. Some websites like drug-selling sites, gambling or online casino gaming sites, or sports betting sites are illegal in many countries. Many cybercriminals use fake profiles on social media to make friends with innocent kids. They manipulate their minds and get their criminal activities done with these kids. They often blackmail them to extort money from them. Online social bully has become very common these days. Those parents who are worried about their kid’s safety want to ensure that their kids are protected from cybercriminals, or kidnappers use parental control apps. MSPY is the best spying app with parental control features that can ensure the safety of kids online. Using this application, we can easily monitor kids’ online activities without letting our kids know about any spying activity since this application works in stealth or hidden mode.

Features of the MSPY parental control app

Works in invisible mode on kids’ phone: – The spying activity is done without the knowledge of the person we are spying on. We can install the MSPY app on our kid’s phones without any compatibility issues. The application is available on the play store or apple store. We can download and install the MSPY free trial version as well. The application works in a hidden mode; hence parents need not worry that the\ir kids will notice any spying activity because the application becomes completely invisible to kids’ smartphones.

SMS Tracking:- many times, we would like to know with whom our kids are interacting from their phones. We might want to check their incoming and outgoing SMS or text messages on kids’ phones. MSPY app can help you to track SMS interactions on kids’ phones efficiently.

Whatsapp tracking:-To protect our kids from an online social bully who is mostly done through Whatsapp, we might want to look at kids’ interaction. For this purpose, we can use the MSPY app that can let the parents see the Whatsapp chat conversation and chat history using a remote parent device.

Benefits of using the MSPY app

Restrict or block illegal or inappropriate sites:-Parents can block sites like gambling, porn, casino gaming sites, or adult dating sites like tinder, Meetville, etc., using MSPY parental control apps. Some kids have a habit of playing online games. We can also restrict the installation of these applications on kid’s smartphones.

Protection of kids online: – Online social bully gangs are looking for their soft targets. They make fake profiles on social media and make friends with innocent children. They blackmail them and post inappropriate images on social media. We can protect our kids online using the MSPY parental control app. We can block suspicious people who can be dangerous for kids’ security. We can also track their live location of kids’ phones and ensuring safety against kid’s kidnappers. The application can also sense the sharing of inappropriate images from kids’ phones, which parents can stop immediately using a remote parent device.

The application file size of MSPYT is less than any other parental control app and is safe to use. The application interface is excellent because it has a user-friendly environment. We can check SMS, call logs, chat history on Facebook messengers or WhatsApp.

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