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Download Office 2016 Free for Mac and Windows [Direct Download Links]

by Fahad Saleem

Microsoft has rolled out the much awaited Office 2016. It is still a public preview version, which means that it is not a final and stable version. But still, you could get your hands on Office 2016 for free and check out the beautiful, mobile friendly interface and features of the suite which is going to stick around for many years to come as Office is used by millions around the world in home, office and the Enterprise.
There is a plethora of new features added by Microsoft in Office 2016. OneDrive Cloud integration is given in the free trial version of Office 2016. Dropbox integration will be rolled out in the full version.
Then there is a feature called ‘Clutter’ which will automatically organize the email inbox of Outlook app for you by learning your habits. Microsoft is also planning to launch a co-author feature which will let you work in a shared environment, just like Google Docs.
Office 2016 also has a ‘Tell Me’ feature. Using this, you could just type in the box and the system will do the job for you.
Microsoft has also added Bing Search in Office 2016 suite. The feature is called ‘Insights’. Suppose you are working on an assignment in Microsoft Word 2016, and want to search about a topic. You can use the Insights feature to search within the document from Bing without leaving the document environment.
You can download Microsoft Office 2016 for free from this direct download link. This is a trial version. After the expiration period, it will give you two options: either to get Office 265 subscription or to give original Office 2016 key.

Download Office 2016 for Windows

Download Office 2016 for Mac

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